Stars Beneath Our Feet


We don’t need to wait for the night

Because this star’s rays don’t shine light.

They don’t hang on the purple sky, 

Neath our feet they prefer to lie.

How their limbs grow back remains untold

Stars of the sea, what secrets you hold!


If I were a Mole

If I were a mole, 
I’d dig a big hole

That leads to the space

Of the picnic place.

I’d grab a cake slice.

Oh my, that looks nice!

Where did it go? 

Only I will know

That it’s down my hole

If I were were a mole. 

When I Grow Up

When I grow up,

I will invite the monsters

Under my bed

(and inside my head)

To have some tea.


I will tell the big bully

In my school

That it would be cool

If he’d sit a while with me.


I will eat the scary vegetables

On my plate

(even those that I hate)

Without a wince.


I will speak out loud

And raise my hand

I’ll take a stand

And will not flinch.


When I grow up,

I will surprise all of you

With the things that I can do…

If I grow up.