Art Appreciation for Kids

Inspired by our recent museum trips, I made a series of short children’s poems about some famous artists. It is my hope that more parents introduce art to their kids because it has so many advantages! Apart from the obvious, which is to make them think more creatively, I believe exposing them to beauty and color makes them more positive and happy individuals. Each poem explains the artwork in a simple way that I hope kids can relate to. Enjoy!


Happy Whiskers’ Day is Out!

final-coverIn my haste to finish all my workload, I forgot to announce that my book, Happy Whiskers’ Day is finally out! The printed copies are sold in all Powerbooks outlets. It’s a perfect Christmas gift to young toddlers who are beginning to read because it uses a lot of sight words!

Happy Whiskers’ Day is published by Brille Petit!

Craft Shopping in Japan

There are so many fun things to do in Japan, and one of my absolute favorite activities is craft hunting. Here are some of the places to visit if you are a crafter like myself.
On the Cheap (100 Yen Stores)
Everywhere I’ve been in Japan has these 100 Yen stores and I’ve found them perfect for craft shopping. Here are some of my favorites and the things I frequently buy in them.
This is really my go-to 100 Yen store because of the amount of product it carries. Before going to any of the smaller stores, I suggest you hit a Daiso store first if you’re pressed for time. My favorite items to purchase here are different kinds of glue (decoupage glue, fabric glue, wood glue, etc.). I also stock up on a lot of acrylic paint, which can be bought by the tube. They also have a pretty decent variety of felt in varying colors and designs.
Another 100 Yen store that normally carries a lot of craft products, Seria carries a good selection of knobs, stickers and scrapbooks. I found these gold sticker studs that I am super excited to use!
Can Do
This was a new discovery when I went to Fukuoka. What caught my eye was their huge selection of miniature items, which comes in handy when you love to craft using miniatures.
Craft Heart Tokai
Since I am also a fabric-lover, I was very excited when I found Craft Heart Tokai. It carries a wonderful selection of super kawaii fabric, and as it turns out, a lot of other craft items as well, such as beads and threads for knitting.
Tokyu Hands
I am sure there are a lot of expensive craft stores in Japan, but one of the more known ones is Tokyu Hands. It really has a large assortment of craft goods, including items for hobbyists. However, unless I am looking for a very particular craft tool, I wouldn’t really buy a lot in this store simply because I have so many other cheaper alternatives.

Inspired by Matilda

I recently watched Matilda (the Musical) in England and was inspired by the awesome talent of the kids who starred in the play. One particular song stuck with me, and it became my inspiration for the poem, When I Grow Up.

I can almost picture this poem with illustrations and it gives me goosebumps just thinking of how it will look like! Maybe soon I can get someone to collaborate with me on the artwork for this =)

Happy Birthday Charles Perrault!

As I was using Google to search the net, I was enamoured by its beautiful fairy tale-inspired banners.  

Inadvertantly, I clicked on one and it led me to the reason behind the banners–it’s Charles Perrault’s birthday!

I love Perrault, not just because he created magical tales, but also because he didn’t let age (he wrote Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals at 67) nor profession (he was a lawyer before becoming a writer) limit him from fulfilling his dreams! He is a constant reminder to me of what can be achieved when one has enough belief and passion.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLES! I tip my hat to you, sir!

My Daughter, My Inspiration

As usual, my daughter got me inspired to write “Just Give Me Bubbles.” I remember during one of her birthday parties, I (being the over-planner that I am) set up a slightly elaborate party. We even hired puppeteers to do a show. As an afterthought, I added a small bubble machine (the ones you could buy in any toy store). And of course, all the kids flocked to that tiny bubble maker, popping the bubbles faster than the machine could spew them out. Almost nobody paid attention to the puppet show. I learned my lesson there–kids are really easy to please. They don’t need complicated set-ups (those are for the adults to enjoy). So, for the first-time parents out there, remember that though it sounds cliche, kids have simple joys and we should appreciate these times because it will get harder to please them when they grow older. In the meantime, just enjoy them and have fun yourselves!

Summer is Here!

My daughter has been extra-restless these past few days, and I know why. She’s got just a week of school left, and then its summertime! In the Philippines, summer officially begins in April, although for students, summer arrives on the last day of school. I still remember my own summers, when work was just what old people did. Believe me, it was heaven! To honor all the summers that have gone by, I give to you this tiny poem, Simple Joys of Summer. May it remind you of your favorite summers. Enjoy!