Rainbow Rain Craft Tutorial

Hello!! It’s been a while since I did a tutorial. It’s not because I don’t craft anymore. It’s more of because I’ve been doing so many, but failing to take pics of the steps =)

So for this craft, I’m featuring my daughter’s work of art. I’ve always encouraged my daughter to craft. So, when she saw a tutorial on melting crayons, she decided she’d try it out!

For this craft, we used:

clean paper, a printout of a silhouette of her original drawing, scissors, old crayons, double-sided tape, glue gun and a blower


What to do:

  1. Using your glue gun, stick the crayons to the top of the paper.16E653FD-AFFA-48A0-9DC7-0A78DBDF2A99
  2. Cut the outline of the silhouette and stick this to the bottom of the page using double-sided tape.
  3. Melt the crayons using the blower. Hold the paper standing up so that the melted crayons flow downwards.5E1FFAC9-038E-4083-A32F-8A9855EC51BA
  4. Let this dry completely. You can add cutout of clouds to make it even cuter! You can mount this on a frame and hang as a room decor.

This is definitely a kid-friendly craft that’s quick to make and a lot of fun! (Also, I didn’t spend a cent on this =)



The Princess and her Frog Allergies

How odd, the Princess thought as she stared into the lake, her golden ball moonlike against the blue waters. A red bowtied frog on a cloud-shaped water lily frond. How odd indeed. 

WIP of another fractured fairytale! 

Tiny Knick Knack Jars

Hello crafters!

It’s been a while since my last craft post. Apologies, but no excuses. I am a strong believer that if you want to get something done, you make time for it. So this is me, carving out some time to post a new project for you to try out.

I love tiny things, I love organizing and I love upcycling! So for this easy five-minute project, I combined my three loves.

For this craft, you will need–

*washed, cleaned and dried glass jam jars (the one that you usually see in hotels)

*paper tape

*circular stickers

*supplies (paperclips, pushpins, etc.)

What to Do:

  1. Fill your jam jars with supplies. Sometimes, I like to put monocromatic stuff inside (eg. same-colored pins, paperclips, etc.). Or if I’m feeling playful, I’ll mix all different colors in one jar!

2. Get your paper tape and cut the end into an inverted V. I do this by folding my tape in half and cutting the end at an angle. Stick the end of the tape to the metal lid of the jam jar.


3. Finally, I put my circular stickers on top of the lid. As you can see from the materials I used, most of them were in the gold color theme.

Happy crafting!

Stars Beneath Our Feet


We don’t need to wait for the night

Because this star’s rays don’t shine light.

They don’t hang on the purple sky, 

Neath our feet they prefer to lie.

How their limbs grow back remains untold

Stars of the sea, what secrets you hold!

Customized Kiddie Shoes

I really love making my daughter smile. It’s part of the reason why I craft. So for another easy tutorial, I designed this pair of shoes for my daughter. 

You will need:

Canvas shoes


Acrylic paint


What to do:

1. Pick a design that you want to paint on the canvas shoes and trace it on the shoe itself. I picked a cat drawing because my daughter loves cat faces. 

2. Paint it on. 

3. Sew matching bows on top of the canvas shoe.

Antique-ified Owl

So we moved into our new home and my favorite space is the mini library. As we needed a lot of bookends, I asked my daughter what she thought would look good. She responded that she read in a home styling magazine not to get a plain, boring metal bookend. But since her dad had bought just that, I decided to decorate it on my own…simplest craft ever.

You will need:

Plain bookends

Decor with flat back (the cute owl was a garage sale find)

Pearl gold acrylic 

Glue gun


What to do:

1. Brush the decor with a coat of gold acrylic. Let it dry completely and then brush with another coat. (Best if original color still peeks through a little). 

2. Stick the decor to the bookends. 

Yeah, that’s it! P.S. I put the owl in the Harry Potter section of my library 👍