Glittery Christmas Color Recipes

Hi weekend crafter! I’m back with another color recipe, this time with the upcoming Christmas holiday in mind. Today, we’re mixing glitter gray, toasty shine, candescent coral and sheeny sage. Predominantly, we will be using Sculpey Premo Accents in Frost white glitter.

For the first color, which I’m calling glitter gray, I mix the frost white glitter with just a sliver of black. Be very light-handed when you add black and try to do it bit by bit because it is a very strong color and applying it heavily will make it harder for you to lighten the colors afterwards.

For the second color, I wanted to make this beige-y gold color. I’m mixing about ¾ frost white glitter mixed in with about ¼ of yellow gold glitter. If you’ve ever used yellow gold glitter before, you will see that it has a bit of translucent quality to it so when you mix it in small amounts with white, it’s going to be a little bit subdued. To bring out a slightly brighter color, I add about ¼ of Fimo gold and made sure that I condition it thoroughly. This color I will call toasted shine.

For the third color, you will need to add about a fourth of Premo Accents in copper with frost white glitter. As always try to condition these first before you add a third color. You will get a very very light pink, but since this is a Christmas palette, I want to add a bit of brightness so I come in with about an eighth of sunset pearl to get this shiny coral pink. I’m naming this color candescent coral.

The last color is simple. Mix frost white glitter with a fourth of Premo in olive green. I hope that you enjoy making these colors. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more videos. You can also check out my IG @crafttimeph to find out what I’ve been up to. Have a crafty weekend!


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