Come and Pack with Me!

Hi weekend crafter! The -ber months are upon us and as an early Christmas gift to my fellow crafters, I’m including some freebies to my packaging tutorial.

When I pack, I start with one of the last things that I put on, which is my sticker tag. I make my own tags using sheets of mailing sticker, metallic watercolor paints, a wide paintbrush and some water. So first, I dip my brush in some water and brush it along each sticker, not soaking wet, but just wet enough so that I won’t have a hard time spreading my watercolor. Then, I pick two earth tones. The first layer is a rosy gold color and the bottom color is a copper color. I start with this first so that as I pack, the paint has time to dry.

Next, I fold my boxes. These are handmade boxes as well, which I just cut and fold. It’s really not that hard to make and because I want my cards to fit exactly to the box, I find it easier to make my own custom boxes. To make these, I use cardstock. To secure all my folds, I use a stapler to hold the box in place.

When the boxes are assembled, I get my crinkle paper or filler paper. This cushions my earrings and makes sure they’re protected. Plus, I also like how it looks. You can actually also use recycled paper if you have a shredder. In my case, if I buy something, I just keep the crinkle paper so that I can reuse it. Since you’ve made it this far, I’m sharing with you my first freebie. I am putting a link in the description box so that you can download high-res images of these tags that I’ve made. Don’t worry, I removed the name of my channel there, so that you can put your own logo or store name. I punched earring holes on the tagsSo first off, my video is about me and how I pack my stuff. In every package, I first lay down the squiggly paper to protect my package. I then attach my earrings to my tag, and also insert a care card. Then, I put a cute sticker on top, which I hand-painted and stamped on my own so that people can really feel that everything I make is handmade.

Now for the freebies that I promised you, I’m giving two downloadable designs of tags that you can use. I’m also giving a downloadable care card. I know that some of you may be starting your own mini-business, and when you’re starting, there are so many things that you need to think of. I hope that this helps lessen the load a bit. The tags, you can just place your logo on top of it, and put your social media information at the bottom.


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