6 Basic Tools for Making Polymer Clay Earrings

It’s an exciting time for polymer clay. While many have just discovered this hobby, and are eager to splurge on what supplies they might need, I suggest checking out these 6 basic tools to start with when making clay earrings.


Being the owner of many craft-stained tables, I have come to realize the importance of using mats to protect my work surface.

While I myself now use a glass mat mounted on carboard, I began with just using a stiff plastic folder to roll my clay onto. Aside from glass mats, there are also silicon mats made specifically for clay. Whatever is available to you, know that the important thing is to prepare for a clean space where you can roll out your clay so that you don’t mix it with dirt, lint and other undesirables.


For a beginner, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest immediately buying a metal clay roller because good ones can cost a lot. When I started out, I used any plastic tube that I could find, and just made sure that I topped it with parchment paper. You can also use popsicle sticks to level the clay evenly.


If you are jus starting, I recommend using basic metal cutters—they cut very cleanly and when combined, they can also make unique shapes.


Needles are a great way to add texture to your clay. I also use them to put holes on where my metal findings will go.


For this tool, I think there is no alternative, and you will need to buy one especially if you are still practicing making logs. While making snakes or logs can be done by hand evenly, it will take years of practice to actually master this.


And of course, if you are making earrings, you will need to attach your earring findings using pliers and cutters.

I hope that beginners will find something useful in this. Happy crafting!


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