Craft Tutorial: Rainbow Polymer Clay Earrings

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a clay craft. But because of this quarantine, I’ve had more time to go back to clay-making. Here’s a simple tutorial on rainbow earrings that you can teach your kids how to make.

For materials, you will need:

  • polymer clay in rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet)
  • clay blade
  • earring findings
  • detail needle

What to Do:

  1. Roll out your rainbow clay into thin snakes.
  2. Starting from the violet clay, carefully bend the clay snake into a U-shape.
  3. Bend the successive colors, following the violet one, until all the colors have been placed.
  4. Use your clay blade to cut the excess clay.
  5. Get your detail needle and poke a hole at the topmost color.
  6. Bake the polymer clay following the instructions on the packaging.
  7. Attach the earring findings.

There you have it, a simple craft to make with your kids! You can also switch the colors up, using bolder colors, or lighter colors, depending on your mood.

Wash your hands and stay safe!


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