Tooth Fairy Not Welcome!

David was a boy who loved taking care of his teeth. He brushed it and made sure it stayed clean all day. He didn’t eat sweets so as not to get tooth decay. Everybody complimented him for his perfectly white milk teeth.

But as with all milk teeth, one day, David found one of them loose.

“Mom!” David panicked. “There’s something wrong with my front tooth!”

Mom checked it out and smiled. “Oh David, a new one is getting ready to come out!”

“But I like this one,” David frowned.

“Don’t worry, when it comes off, the tooth fairy will replace it with a shiny new coin.”

“But I don’t want a new coin. I want my tooth to stay put!”

Despite David’s best efforts and most diligent brushing, the tooth came off. And just like Mom said, the tooth fairy left a coin under David’s bed, and his pearly white tooth disappeared.

Just when David was getting used to his growing new tooth, another one started wiggling.

Oh no! David muttered under his breath. I’m keeping this away from the tooth fairy.

When it came off, instead of burying it under his pillow, he hid it in his pajama pocket.

The next day, David emptied his pocket, but was surprised to find a coin instead of a tooth.

Stay away from my teeth! David grumbled.

Every time another tooth came out, he hid it! He tried hiding it in his toy box, in a bottle, on top of his highest shelf. He even hid it under lock and key. But the tooth fairy always found his tooth.

Finally, he was down to his last milk tooth. He was determined to keep this one. He thought to put it in the last place the fairy would check. He put it inside his dad’s tool box and locked it in the shed.

David was so tired and sad. He knew that no matter what he did, the tooth fairy would always find his tooth.

The next day, he dragged himself from bed, and expected another coin in his father’s tool box.

When he opened the box, he broke into a huge smile. Wrapped in a big bow was all his milk teeth arranged in a cast. Attached to it was a note sprinkled with glittery dust.

It read:

Dear David, 

It was fun playing hide and seek with your teeth! 

Thanks for taking such good care of it! As a reward, I organized it for you to keep! 


Denty the Tooth Fairy

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