My Daughter, My Inspiration

As usual, my daughter got me inspired to write “Just Give Me Bubbles.” I remember during one of her birthday parties, I (being the over-planner that I am) set up a slightly elaborate party. We even hired puppeteers to do a show. As an afterthought, I added a small bubble machine (the ones you could buy in any toy store). And of course, all the kids flocked to that tiny bubble maker, popping the bubbles faster than the machine could spew them out. Almost nobody paid attention to the puppet show. I learned my lesson there–kids are really easy to please. They don’t need complicated set-ups (those are for the adults to enjoy). So, for the first-time parents out there, remember that though it sounds cliche, kids have simple joys and we should appreciate these times because it will get harder to please them when they grow older. In the meantime, just enjoy them and have fun yourselves!

One thought on “My Daughter, My Inspiration

  1. You are so right. It’s the simple things too. My kids loved sitting in laundry baskets as they watched movies. It was like their own car! Never mind we had wonderful couches! 🙂

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