CinderSpectaRella Part 3 of 4

“I know just what to do! Fetch me three mice, a pumpkin and a dog,” the fairy godmother instructed.

Cinderella came back with three hamsters, a watermelon and an old goat.

“Oh my, these aren’t what I asked, for, but I guess it will have to do.”

The fairy godmother cloaked all the objects in light. She transformed the three hamsters into three slightly hairy horses. She changed the watermelon into an oblong-shaped carriage, and the goat into a footman with a goatee.

The fairy godmother then twirled her wand one last time to wrap Cinderella in light. When she was done, Cinderella was in a beautiful blue gown, her hair done in an elegant bun.

“Be back by 12!” The fairy godmother said. “Oh, and wait, wear this!” The fairy godmother tapped the bride of Cinderella’s nose and there appeared beautiful, translucent glasses!

For the first time, Cinderella saw everything clearly. She saw her radiant fairy godmother with silver hair and a kind smile on her lips. She saw the full moon and the stars dotting the night sky. She even saw all her farm animal friends gathered around her, cheering and clapping their hands.

“No time to waste!” The fairy godmother waved goodbye as Cinderella boarded her watermelon green carriage with bright red cushions. “Off you go!”

Cinderella sped off to the caste, and felt every bit a princess as she alighted from her carriage and climbed the spiral staircase. She was confident because she saw everything around her clearly.

When she entered, all eyes were upon her, and word quickly spread about an unknown beautiful bespectacled lady in blue.

The prince was expecting the usual boring princesses would attend. So when he saw Cinderella, he stopped in his tracks. There was something so real and natural about her. Yes, she was beautiful, but she wasn’t ashamed to wear glasses. She looked smart and confident as she walked through the ballroom. The prince invited Cinderella to dance, and dance they did until the clock struck 12.

Cinderella was so startled that she had to make a run for it. As she was clearing the castle gardens, her glasses got caught up in branches. She was about to get them when she heard the king’s horsemen behind her. She had to hide quickly so she dove to the nearby bushes.

The prince held Cinderella’s translucent glasses. He vowed to find the woman who owned these special spectacles.

to be continued…

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