The Legend of the Rainbow Tree: Tales from Mother Chouette

“Wow, look at that!” Hibbou exclaimed as she pointed to a nearby tree.

“Oh yes, that’s the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree, my dear,” Mother Chouette said as she followed Hibbou’s gaze.  “I have a story of where that tree came from. Do you want hear it?”

Hibbou hooted in delight.

The Legend of the Rainbow Tree

There was once a rainbow named Spec who was best friends with Yuki, a eucalyptus tree. Every time it rained, Spec made sure that he visited Yuki.

Like all rainbows, Spec was tasked with guarding a leprechaun’s pot of gold. But Spec did not like the leprechaun that was assigned to him. Mr. Moneytights was mean and often screamed at Spec to shine his colorful light on the leprechaun’s pot of gold.

One day, Mr. Moneytights was particularly nasty. He frightened Spec so much that the rainbow decided it was best to run away. But where could a bright and colorful arc in the sky go? Spec tried hiding under a rock, but his light shined through. He tried gathering clouds to cover himself, but every time the wind blew, he would get exposed. Yuki, seeing how anxious Spec was becoming, suggested that Spec hide in her bark. As the intense light passed through the tree’s trunk, Yuki’s bark cracked and flaked, but she bore her pain in silence.

The tree’s brown bark muted the bright colors of the rainbow. Thus, when the leprechaun went to his usual spot, he searched high and low, but he never guessed Spec to be hiding inside the humble tree. A tree nymph saw Yuki’s sacrifice, and she blessed the union of the tree and her rainbow best friend, resulting in the most beautiful and colorful bark in the world.

The end.

Hibbou wiped a tear in her eye. “Thanks for the beautiful story, mom. Your stories are wonderful.”

 Mother Chouette wrapped her feathery wings on Hibbou and gave her a tight hug.       

*Note:  I googled actual photos of the Rainbow Eucalyptus tree so that you could share it with your kids.

Bagras_Mindanao gum tree

2 thoughts on “The Legend of the Rainbow Tree: Tales from Mother Chouette

  1. It is amazing how in the smallest of stories, nature comes to life, speaks, suffers to protect an other element and continues to give us its beauty. Dignity….

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