A Multicolored Coat of Scales: Tales from Mother Chouette

            Hibbou, the owlet, flapped its tiny wings and gave a hoot. Mother Chouette gently pecked on Hibbou’s head. It was time to sleep.

            Mama, please tell me a bedtime story,” Hibbou said as she turned her sleepy eyes to Mother Chouette.

            “I’ve got the perfect one for you, little one,” said Mother Chouette, and then she began.

A Multicolored Coat of Scales

“There was once a plain fish with dull silver flakes that longed to be a fish like no other.  He would rub his scales onto colorful objects, such as bright red corals, but all he would get were scratch marks. He would try to wrap himself in the dark emerald green seaweeds that floated about the ocean floor, but he would simply slip out of its slimy grasp. He even tried to hang out with the electric blue eels, but in the end, it wasn’t worth getting electrocuted. But, one day, while remaining invisible beside a gray rock, he saw a mermaid swimming away from an angry shark.  In her haste, she dropped her precious crystal ring. When the shark was gone, the plain fish swam and rescued the ring. He marveled at its color and considered keeping it for himself so that he would have something sparkly to wear. But in the end, he decided that it was best to return the ring to its rightful owner. The mermaid turned into a fairy mermaid and promised to grant the fish his heart’s desire. Rainbow-colored raindrops fell from the sky that night and filled the sea with color. When the fish opened its eyes, it saw that its fins were multicolored and shiny! All the other sea creatures gathered around him to admire his beautiful coat of scales.

“The end.”

Mother Chouette turned to Hibbou and cooed.  Her baby owl was fast asleep! 

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