CD Hot Pot


I thought I had posted this last week, but alas!  I am still a tech newbie and all the different buttons confuse me sometimes, especially if I’m using my phone for posting.  Anyhoo, here’s another environmentally-friendly craft project for you.  You will  need: a used CD (or maybe nobody uses CDs anymore ? =), felt cloth, ribbon (preferrably from a gift, doesn’t have to be new), button, pencil, thread, needle, and scissors.  Here are the steps: First, trace the CD on the felt cloth.  Then, give an allowance of about half inch around the circumference of the CD and cut.  Make two circles of this size.  Place one circle at the bottom, put your CD at the center, and another circular felt cloth on top.  Put the ribbon around the CD before sewing (a neat running stitch should do the job).  I folded a ribbon and inserted it at the center, then, sewed it on with a plain button on top so that I could hang my hot pot.  After I did this, I realized I could decorate my entire house with these covered CDs because they could pass for 2D Christmas balls.  This is a really simple 10-20 minute project.  Hope you will have fun making them!  I should start posting stories again by next week =)   Craft break!

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