Padded Pot Holder

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Sorry, it’s been a while since I last posted something.  I realize that with blogging, I have to prepare a lot of things in advance so that I can maintain my once-a-week posting, and still travel, and do my other weekly objectives.  Anyhoo, this is a super-cool DIY project that has (at least for me) been 1. easy to make, 2. easy on the pocket and 3. easy on the environment.  Let’s start with materials.  I used here the shoulder pads from my old office uniforms.  I think shoulders pads were big during the 80’s, but even then, I didn’t need them.  I have used shoulder pads in so many projects already, so I don’t throw them away (plus, they come free with my uniforms).  You will also need a needle, some thread and scissors.  I had all these at home, so zero expenses on my end.  Step 1:  Remove the Velcro patch located on the top of the shoulder pad.  Step 2:  Interlap two shoulder pads (choose the ones that are about the same size).  Use running stitch to attach the two pads together.  Step 3:  Get a third pad and attach the straight end of that pad to the bottom of the pad used in Step 2.  Step 4:  Do Steps 1-3 for another set of pads.  This will be the front and back of your pot holder.  Step 5:  Use running stitch to attach the edges of the front and back of your pot holder, leaving the bottom open so that you could insert your hand.  Step 6:  Get another shoulder pad and fold into two.  Attach one end to the front pad, and the other to the back pad.  This will be where your thumb will go.  Ta-dah!  I think I finished this craft in twenty minutes as I didn’t use any complicated stitching.  But, if I used a sewing machine, I think I would have this done in maybe under ten minutes.  All in all, I used up seven shoulder pads.  Thanks for reading this post!  I promise that a new post will be ready by next Wednesday!

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